(i) Kindergarten

A kid's first school experience is significant in establishing the framework for a lifetime of learning. Our kindergarten pursues the customary study hall method. Our KG program joins the play, culture and the underlying foundations of organized learning. Our accomplished instructors spent significant time in early adolescence encourage open doors for a hands-on learning knowledge in a non-aggressive and invigorating condition. Music, workmanship, and sports exercises are a necessary piece of their educational modules.

In Kindergarten, the classes are divided into names of flowers like:

  • 1. Play school Buds
  • 2. LKG – Lavander & Iris
  • 3. UKG – Orchid & Aster

(ii) Classes I – X

At MAM-guardians, understudies, workforce and staff cooperate as a network to take care of issues inside a system of reasonableness and shared qualities. The ethos of magnificence ranges from the field of scholastics to the ambit of co-scholastic. We have a fantastic change arranging at all phases which are established in qualities and driven by innovation. From grade I to V we have 2 sections each A & B respectively & for grade VI to X, it’s only 1 section A.

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